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Near our villa in Deshaies in Guadeloupe

The beaches of Deshaies

The village of Deshaies is the town that has the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe and also almost the only white sand beaches in Basse-Terre. It is located The Caribbean coast also called leeward coast  which is particularly sheltered from the wind of the swell and especially from the sargassum.

The beaches of Deshaies:

Grande Anse beach

It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe and also the longest with its almost 2 KM. Located near the village of Deshaies, it is nestled between Gros Morne, the Mitan mangrove and Pointe le Breton.

Bordered along its entire length by a tropical forest, it offers the possibility of alternating shade and sun.

Two large car parks are available and there are several catering options on site.  as well as renting a canoe to go on the mangrove.

Distance from Nature Caraibe Lodge:  9 minutes by car

Leroux beach

Petite Anse beach

Our favorite beach, smaller than Grande Anse, it remains a magnificent beach. From the water we have a superb view of Bornave with its royal palm trees, on the sea side it is easy to snorkel (mask and snorkel) on both sides of the beach, the underwater fauna and flora are abundant there . To your mask...

If you are lucky you can also see the pelicans and maybe swim with them.

A large car park above the beach is at your disposal.

Distance from Nature Caraibe Lodge:  700 meters 

on foot or by car

Small beach nestled between two  hills, this beach is also very beautiful. More difficult to access because there is no parking space, it offers an intimate side. Here too you can practice snorkeling and if you are in the right season you will come across turtles there, this beach is listed as a turtle nesting site in Guadeloupe.

Distance from Nature Caraibe Lodge:  700 meters on foot or by car

Rifflet beach - the Pearl

The small wild beach

This beach located at the bottom of the villa is completely wild, you will meet few people there because it is unknown and not very accessible if you are not a resident.

Made mainly of lava slabs and rocks, it is relaxing and calm, the seabed is magnificent and is waiting for you ....

Distance from Nature Caraibe Lodge:  150m 

This beach is lined with nice restaurants, there are two possible accesses, the first on Refflet and the second on the Pearl. On Reflet you can also visit the manioquerie and buy Kassav. This beach is pleasant for eating by the water or sipping a Ti-punch. When it comes to swimming, you have to be careful when the sea is rough, the rollers are big and powerful.

Distance from Nature Caraibe Lodge:  12 minutes by car

Wild beach
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