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Where and how to rent a villa in Guadeloupe?

Where to rent a Villa in Guadeloupe?

The ideal situation


Many of you ask yourself the question " where to rent a villa in Guadeloupe ?".

He you  must all first choose between Basse Terre and Grande Terre which are the two wings of the Guadeloupean butterflies.
These two territories are completely different, and do not meet at any point except that they are surrounded by water. 

Big land

Grande Terre is the upper part of Guadeloupe, it is rather flat and the climate there is  much drier and the vegetation is less dense. On the relief side you will find large white sand beaches and also a more rocky side.  with very cut sides spanking thoughts of Brittany.
This part of the island is also more suitable for mass tourism, so you will find most of the hotel complexes there. 

The sites to be favored on Grande Terre

- The Pointe-des-Châteaux 
- Morne-à-l'Eau cemetery, with its black and white checkered vaults
- The night market of Saint-Anne
- The ACT Memorial
- The international golf course of Saint-François, 18 holes.
- The Pointe de la Grande Vigie and the Porte d'Enfer, for its vertiginous cliffs and breathtaking views 
– Caravelle Saint-Anne Beach
– Beach of Bourg de Sainte-Anne
– Datcha beach in Le Gosier
– Wilder Saint Felix beach
– The beaches of Pointe des Châteaux and Anse à la Gourde
– Plage des raisins clairs in Saint François
- The very beautiful beach of Anse de Souffleur in Port-Louis

or rent a villa in Guadeloupe


Basse Terre is the lower part of Guadeloupe, it is rather hilly and the climate there is  much more tropical and the vegetation is lush. On the relief side you will find  a mountain range (former volcanoes) with Soufrière as its highest point. On the north western part there are large white sand beaches like Grande Anse  and the further south you go, the smaller the beaches and the darker sand or pebbles.
This part of the island is also more suitable for "nature" tourism , so you will find there the possibility of doing a multitude of hikes , swimming in waterfalls , a 17,000 ha tropical forest managed by the National Park , the Cousteau reserve and its pigeon islands ideal for swimming and snorkeling in a natural aquarium.

The best sites on Basse Terre

- The National Park of Guadeloupe, with  the mamelles park is its countless hiking trails
- the Pigeon Islands and the Cousteau reserve in Bouillante, a life-size aquarium
- the Carbet Falls from Capesterre
- The Acomat jump near Pointe Noire
- the crayfish waterfall on the crossing road
- Grande Anse beach and Perle beach in the beautiful village of  Deshaies
- the Soufrière volcano and its hot baths
- the nature reserve of Grand-Cul-de-Sac Marin and its islets such as Ilet Caret, Ilet Blanc 
- the Domaine de l'Habitation La Grivelière in Vieux-Habitants, production of cocoa and vanilla coffee
- ...

For your villa or house rental in Guadeloupe during your holidays, choose the villa with swimming pool or the house with several rooms or bedrooms. Each house or villa for rental in Guadeloupe must have independent rooms and a private swimming pool.

Vacation rental in Guadeloupe, prefer the villa or the house with swimming pool. Renting a house or villa in Guadeloupe during the holidays remains simple. The swimming pool is a plus  for this rental in Guadeloupe. The rentals for  villa and house holidays in Guadeloupe do not require several rooms and a large swimming pool close to the bedrooms. In the end, renting a house with a swimming pool or a house with several bedrooms in Guadeloupe remains ideal for holidays. Renting a villa or holiday home in Guadeloupe is the best alternative, especially if there is a swimming pool and multiple bedrooms. Renting a vacation rental, house or villa with swimming pool in Guadeloupe does not necessarily require going through rental agencies., Rent directly from the owner  may be more economical. Or renting a villa or house in Guadeloupe remains tricky, especially if you want a swimming pool and several bedrooms.

The island of Guadeloupe is the ideal place to spend holidays, it is true that we often hesitate between Grande Terre and Basse Terre, not to mention all the islands like Sainte Marie, Saint François, Le Gosier, Marie Galante or Saintes . In addition, you have to find a rental car, find accommodation during your stay, in an apartment, a villa or a gite, all close to the beaches. Preferably, accommodation rentals must have at least 3 bedrooms, a swimming pool in order to be able to take a family trip. In order to have a competitive price for a vacation rental on the island of Guadeloupe, it is better to stay on basse terre rather than on grande terre. In addition, the beaches of Sainte Anne and Saint François are overcrowded compared to the beaches of Basse Terre. Our beautiful island of Guadeloupe is conducive to rentals, with a car and apartment located in the middle of the island, it will be easier to visit accommodation and apartment rentals with bedrooms and swimming pools. Generally rentals on the island of Guadeloupe are simpler and at better prices on Basse Terre, to stay during the holidays and take a rental car during the stay, it is better to avoid Pointe à Pitre and prefer Marie Galante. All accommodation with rooms and swimming pool on the island have a night view of the house and the Airbnb hotel by the sea. in the right category of room and accommodation are activities in their own right. Staying on Basse Terre à Bouillante in Guadeloupe for the holidays in a beautiful villa or a large apartment will remain an unforgettable trip at a reasonable price. Renting accommodation for a stay in Guadeloupe is by far the best solution.

Or rent a villa in Guadeloupe

In summary

We can say that the two parts of Guadeloupe have their attractions, and that it is only a matter of taste ...
As a recommendation, I think that choosing a central position would make it possible to visit both parts in a more practical way.  Our favorite is  in the small village of Deshaies  located in the upper part of Basse Terre. This small fishing village and also the filming location of the series "Murder in Paradise"  is near the most beautiful beaches of Basse Terre and Guadeloupe. You will be able to combine the useful with the pleasant... :-)

We hope we have been able to answer your question "Where to rent a villa in Guadeloupe?" and that our advice will help you in your search

Deshaies in Guadeloupe

How to rent a Villa in Guadeloupe?

To rent a villa in Guadeloupe, a multitude of solutions are available to you.
First of all there are the classic rental platforms like:

Guadeloupe airb&b reservation
Reservation Booking GuadeloupeBooking

Or rent directly from individual to individual.

In  this case we can also offer you our rental in Deshaies

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