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How to go to Guadeloupe?
Which airlines to get there?

How to come to Guadeloupe?

Airlines with a direct flight to get to 
in Guadeloupe or in the West Indies

There are a multitude of possibilities of direct flights and airlines to go to Guadeloupe or the Antilles. It is possible to leave from different cities in Europe, the United States and also from Canada. Several airlines share the slots with different levels  prices and services.

We list here only the airlines serving Pointe-à-Pitre  but be aware that it is also possible to arrive  in Fort de France in Martinique  and take a correspondence for Guadeloupe .

The most felt links are those of Corsair  and Air Belgium, but beware they do not operate all year round.

From France  metropolis 

Air France:

Several possibilities:

                                           Flight duration

-Paris Orly  - Pointe-a-Pitre                     8:05

- Paris Charles de Gaulle - Pointe -a -Pitre        8:05

Vol Paris Pointe a Pitre

Air Caribbean


- Paris Orly -  Pointe -a-Pitre                      8:05

Vol Paris Pointe a Pitre


Several possibilities:


- Paris Orly - Pointe -a-Pitre                      8:05

- Lyon Saint Exupéry - Pointe -a-Pitre            8:35 am

- Maroon  Merignac - Pointe -a-Pitre            8:15 a.m.

Vol Lyon Point a Pitre

From Belgium

Most convenient solution for residents of Belgium, Luxembourg and the North  of Germany


                                           Flight duration

- Brussels  - Pointe -a-Pitre                      8:20 am

Vol Bruxelles Pointe a Pitre

From Canada

Air  Canada


- Montreal - Pointe -a-Pitre                      5:35

Vol Montréal Pointe a Pitre

Air  France

- Montreal - Pointe -a-Pitre                      5:35

Vol Montréal Pointe a Pitre

Air  Transat

Air Transat

- Montreal - Pointe -a-Pitre                      5:35

Departing from the United States

Air  France

Several possibilities:

                                           Flight duration

- Miami - Pointe -a-Pitre                        3h40

- New York - Pointe -a-Pitre                     4:55

Vol Miami Pointe a Pitre

American Airline


- Miami - Pointe -a-Pitre                         3h40

Vol Miami Pointe a Pitre



- New York - Pointe -a-Pitre                      4:55

Vol New York Pointe a Pitre

In conclusion

The choice is wide concerning the possibilities of airlines to go to Guadeloupe . Here we only deal with direct flights, it is understood that at the same time there is an infinity of possibility of trains or connecting flights from your place of residence.

There are also other airlines departing from the airport of  Pointe-a-Pitre  (Caribbean Pole) to go to other Caribbean islands or Guyana. For this you need to consult the following airlines

  Air Caraïbes , Air Antilles , St Barth commuter , TAG Airline , WINAIR WINDWARD ISLANDS AIRWAYS .

How to get to Deshaies?

There are many shuttle, bus, taxi or hitchhiking options to get to Nature Caraibe Lodge.  in Deshaies , but the best solution is still car rental.

Regarding the shuttles, they are private and can be numerous in Guadeloupe, their prices remain attractive if there are many of you in order to be able to fill it.

Buses .... how to say, they are rarely on time, do not always pass  and the frequency remains low. Nevertheless, they remain very economical and practical. So be patient.....

Taxis are expensive on the island of Guadeloupe , it is  better to agree on the price before taking the race.

Finally, hitchhiking is also an alternative as a means of transport, it works quite well in Guadeloupe, and allows beautiful encounters, this practice remains quite widespread on the island while being very  economic.

Regarding car rentals we often work with companies  following rentals:

Rentiles Rental

Ideal Car  Rental

Sanitary measures Covid 19

How to come to Deshaies?

About the village of Deshaies?

About Guadeloupe Deshaies?

Where to rent in Guadeloupe?

What are the dangerous animals in Guadeloupe?

Frequently asked Questions ?

Want to rent a villa with a swimming pool and a view of the Caribbean Sea?

To come to the pole Caribbean airport of pointe à pitre in Guadeloupe departing from France Paris Orly airport, the flight of the company air ptp travels at positive prices. Give the points of your airline in order to have a place on board the plane. The airlines for Pointe à Pitre (ptp) all arrive at the Caribbean pole, this international airport in the West Indies from where passengers from Martinique travel. On board this flight a reservation code is necessary, the travel points are valid for Anne and for the airline, depending on the traffic of passengers and planes. For your trip the covid or sars test is compulsory as well as reason imperative, a vaccination schedule also issued by your country + a negative PCR or antigen test accompanied by a health examination. A destination check for all travelers on the flight originating in the territory. This health trip requires a vaccine test for the sars covid 19 virus of the vaccine type or pcr on entering the country. The reason and origin are covid test criteria during the trip, the detection of covid (cov) or protein has an impact on your health when you arrive in the country (France) whether in Guadeloupe or Martinique. The reason for vaccination by PCR COV during the flight is compulsory in France. Your trip to Guadeloupe for compelling reasons departing from France without changing country must be validated by a covid test by PCR or antigen in order to certify your state of health. Your return trip from Guadeloupe to France requires a covid test for SARS and a compelling reason. The vaccination schedule confirmed by your country as well as a negative antigen or PCR test accompanied by a validated health schedule.

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