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Are there any dangerous animals in Guadeloupe?

What are the dangerous animals in Guadeloupe


Strictly speaking, there are no dangerous animals in Guadeloupe. In any case, none of them are considered deadly or dangerous for humans.

However, being in a tropical climate, it is preferable to pay attention to certain species.

The different species found in Guadeloupe

The mosquito

There are many species of mosquitoes present in Guadeloupe. Their bites, always practiced by females, can transmit diseases and microbes. Mosquitoes are known to be the main vector of serious tropical diseases such as malaria (or malaria), chikungunya or dengue fever.

Good reflexes

Mosquitoes don't like air conditioning and drafts. We recommend that you put the air conditioning on at night with only 1 to 2 degrees less than the ambient temperature, this is enough to keep them away. The other technique is to put a fan that blows under the table during meals and that's it....

If not, there are still the classic protections such as the 5/5 tropical for the body (pharmacies) and the spirals to burn. 

Last advice avoid dark colored clothes they love it 

Mosquitoes in Guadeloupe


The centipede is a centipede. She may bite you severely if she feels threatened. In France, it is found around the Mediterranean and in tropical areas, Guadeloupe and Martinique in particular.

Its bite can be very painful, especially that of tropical species, with in some cases edema and sometimes skin necrosis around the bite. In Guadeloupe it is not fatal and will only be painful

Good reflexes

In the event of a bite, the wound should be washed with soap and water and disinfected with a Hexomedine-type disinfectant. In addition, it is preferable to consult a doctor so that he can prescribe analgesics and corticosteroids.

To limit the risks, do not walk barefoot, eliminate organic waste and avoid wet areas.

Centipede in Guadeloupe

The snakes

There are mainly 2 varieties of snake in Guadeloupe, both harmless to humans.

First of all the snakes like the big snake and the little race both protected. They are fearful and will run away when you approach.

And finally Typhlops, burrowing snakes: they hide underground to escape predators. They are blind is the probability of in appearance is very low.

Good reflexes

These animals are protected and harmless, if you come across one, observe it and let it continue on its way.

Snakes in Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe has more than 150 different species of spiders. All are harmless to humans.

So there is nothing to fear. the Soufrière tarantula (2 cm) is certainly the most impressive, not very widespread, it is discreet and you will only come across it in secluded forests.

Good reflexes

These animals are protected and harmless, if you come across one, observe it and let it continue on its way.

Spiders in Guadeloupe


In  Guadeloupe  2 breeds of iguanas rub shoulders, this vegetarian animal with a rather prehistoric look and harmless to humans, the only risk is to take a tail shot if we are going to annoy it.

Among these 2 species we will find the common iguana or hybrid iguana, there are all sizes and we find it everywhere, we recognize it by its green color and the stripes on its tail. 

The second species is the Délicatissima iguana which is anemic from the West Indies and is protected. Rather dark in color It is mainly present on small land and at La Désirade, in danger of extinction, its main predator being the common iguana.

Good reflexes

These animals are protected and harmless, if you come across them, observe them from a distance and let them continue on their way.

Iguana in Guadeloupe

In conclusion

The risks are very limited and prevention and protection are the key words.

Guadeloupe is not populated by dangerous animals  as can be Martinique or Guyana.

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In Guadeloupe there are no animal species on the world red list of dangerous animals, there are nevertheless endangered species such as birds or certain reptiles. Guadeloupe does not have a list classifying endangered species in the West Indies or dangerous animals, birds, reptiles, or marine or terrestrial mammals are not present in Guadeloupe, certain anemic species are threatened and are classified red on the list unlike the spiny flora of the West Indies or Europe. Snakes, sharks or fish with venom are not present in the water of Guadeloupe. The most endangered red animal is a bird that eats the flora on the beaches at night, this animal species only exists on the land of the Antilles. What are the dangerous animals in Guadeloupe from the world red list of endangered species as well as the flora and land birds on the beaches of Martinique? No species capable of creating a vascular problem. The fauna and flora of the island of Guadeloupe, whether marine or terrestrial, from the animal world of reptiles, insects at risk to health or fish with spines remain on the red list of diving. Pointed or legged species are species, or animal that we see in Martinique, or point to pitre as well as the reptilesterestres.

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