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where is  shot Death in Paradise ? 

Series Information

Death in Paradise is a  television series  policewoman  Franco- British  created by  Robert Thorogood  (in)  and aired since October 25, 2011 in the UK on  BBC One  and since July 22, 2013 in France on  France 2  and formerly on  France O.  

The series is mainly shot in  Guadeloupe , especially in the municipality of  Deshaies , where Honoré's police station is located in the main town of the fictional island of Sainte-Marie.

Each season represents a budget of 12 million euros, with the Guadeloupe region financing up to €500,000 each year 29 .

During the filming of the first season between April 18 and August 31, 2011, 66 technicians and 367 extras were hired, generating 4.5 million euros in economic benefits for Guadeloupe, via hotel nights, meals , equipment purchases, etc. The series is co-produced by the  BBC  and  France Televisions .

Annual filming takes place in Guadeloupe during the period from April to August



Richard Poole is a British investigator plunged into a nightmare: he who has never left London is sent to the Caribbean to investigate the murder of an English policeman. The island of Sainte-Marie may be a microcosm of paradise, but Richard feels like a fish out of water: he hates the heat, the sun and seafood! Here, no experts, no high-tech labs, no fast cars. Richard can only count on his flair and the help of his local teammates to solve intrigues where the true looks false, and where all the witnesses look like potential suspects.  How to survive in a hostile environment? Fortunately, the locals will end up adopting this Hercule Poirot in a tweed suit who wants to impose on them, to say the least, special methods of investigation.  When Richard is assigned to head the small brigade, he can say goodbye to his pub on the banks of the Thames. And to make matters worse, he is joined by a teammate whom he would have done well: Camille Bordey, a pretty cheeky and… French Métis! She is fire, he is water. She prefers to follow her intuition and he only believes in the virtues of logic. Above all, she is so lively that she confuses Richard, who does not know how to deal with women. But because they are driven by the same sense of justice, and because humor allows them to accept their differences, they will together solve the incredible murders that upset the tranquility of the island: a woman is killed by a harpoon strike on her wedding day, a voodoo priestess is found dead after predicting her own assassination, the remains of a man shot dead are discovered in the stomach of a shark: In Sainte-Marie, nothing happens as elsewhere.

Season 10 and  11

Marked by the returns of Joséphine Jobert and Sara Martins, season 10 of Meurtres au paradis ends this evening on France 2 with a final investigation, entitled "Amnésie", which will see Tobi Bakare, the interpreter of Sergeant JP Hooper, bid farewell to the hit detective series.

But let fans of the adventures of Neville Parker (Ralf Little) and Florence Cassel be reassured: Murder in paradise still has a bright future ahead of it. The British-French series, produced jointly by the United Kingdom and France, was renewed for two additional seasons last January by the BBC One channel.


Season 11, which should once again be made up of eight episodes, will begin filming next month in Guadeloupe, for an expected broadcast in early 2022 across the Channel. Then, probably, in the months that will follow on France 2.

Little information has already leaked on these new episodes of Murders in Paradise, but one thing is certain:  Joséphine Jobert , who reprized her role as Florence Cassel in season 10 after leaving the show in 2019, will feature well in the credits for season 11.

Red Planet/Denis Guyenon

“I will be present in season 11 but with regard to season 12, it is much too early to say”, recently confided the actress to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. "The producers told me that they would like me to stay with them for life. But they know very well that this will not be the case. I will not stay ad vitam eternam in the series!".

Ralf Little, who has been carrying the series since season 9, will also be there, but fans of Murders in Paradise should not a priori have the pleasure of finding  Sara Martins  in the skin of Camille Bordey since the actress, seen recently in  sat  and in  Meetings , only reprized his role for two exceptional episodes of season 10, in order to properly celebrate the tenth anniversary of the series.

As for season 12, it should arrive on the air in 2023 and could be marked by new changes in the cast. Indeed, in addition to the uncertainty concerning the involvement of Joséphine Jobert, rumors suggest that Ralf Little's contract would come to an end at the end of season 11. So, will he be convinced to play Neville Parker a more year? The future will tell.

Source Allociné.fr

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